Low-level planetary gearboxes Spiral conical reducer
  • Ratio: 3-100
    Output 15 - 1000 Nm
    Universal application with compact special design, built symmetrically and with an adaptable connection to the motor.
    Noise Reduction
    For high-acceleration tones
  • Ratio: 0.5 - 6
    Output: 18 - 8500 Nm
    Universal Application
    Easy to install and adapt
    Designed with the machine in mind
    High efficiency Available in different types






Planetry reducers Conical Gear Units
  • Ratio: 3.4 - 245.
    Output: Up to 26,000 Nm.
    For high torque requirements with a compact design.
    Compact transmission for high torques.
    Even performance at high speeds.
  • Ratio: 6 - 48.
    Output: 100 - 13,000 Nm.
    In eight sizes universal applications.
    Easy drive.
    High Density.
    Available in different types





Spiral conical servo reducer Pinion-Zipper
  • Ratio: 3-10.
    Output: 40 - 150 Nm.
    For the highest demands in "Dynamics".
    Robust and durable.
    For any mounting position.
  • Ratio: 15 - 27.
    Output: 29 - 850 Nm.
    Combination of planetary gearboxes of low play with pinions - rack of high precision.
    Compact transmission for high torques.
    Easy installation and commissioning.
    High precision, load capacity and level of concentricity.