The S series is a load-switching current source inverter for synchronous motors and provides speed regularity, control and braking torque regulation, low V / Hz configuration. It has a robust and compact design, is highly efficient and Reliable, can be used as a variable frequency drive and also as a soft starter.


- Power range: up to 65 MW


- Voltage:


Air cooling: up to 4500 V

Water cooling: up to 10000 V


- Output frequency: 5 - 95 Hz









The N series (TN / GN) is the ideal solution for high performance and regenerative performance. Utilizing the proven IGBT / IGCT technology our frequency inverters are tailor-made to provide outstanding static and dynamic performance with a high level of efficiency in all-team driven operating range.


With AFE (Active Front End - option) provides a bidirectional power flow at a power factor close to zero at full speed eliminating the need for costly VAR compensation systems. This is particularly useful when the unit is used for continuous power generation.









The Silcovert H series (TH / NH) is the ideal variable speed drive solution for retrofitting to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. It is a multi-level variable speed drive with IGBT power devices and more efficient control and price for synchronous and asynchronous motors.


The PWM technique with high switching frequency allows an almost sinusoidal motor current with low total losses and very low torque. Its water cooling method allows high output power ranges to be achieved. Our H-series speed controllers are compatible with existing motor systems, regardless of brand or age. With our tailor-made customization services, customers can achieve increased levels of security, reliability and efficiency.