Nidec ASI is an Italo-Nipona company established in December 2012, as a result of the acquisition of Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A. By Nidec Corporation's.

The company can go back to its origins for more than 100 years until the foundation "stabilimento elettromeccanico" (electromechanical workshop) of Ansaldo in 1899.

The oil, paper, mining and electrical industries are examples of the sector that satisfies Nidec ASI


Since 2015 ACESA-DRIVES is a Representative of Nidec ASI in Mexico with regard to medium voltage frequency inverters and direct current machines.


In fiscal year 2015/2016 with a staff of 100 thousand employees around the world Nidec consolidates a total sale of 10 625 million US dollars.