INTORQ is a German company founded in 2005 by a Group of three investors (Dr. Eckard Menzel, Dr. Matthias Brendler, Roman Soulier), with its corporate offices located in Aerzen, Lower Saxony.


The company was born from the segmentation of the mechanical products of LENZE such as Brakes and Clutches, with which LENZE establishes as a guideline the approach in "Automation Products" and finally decides to sell this part of the business to Dr. Brendler.


The industries of cranes, wind turbines, or load systems are some of INTORQ's focus industries.


Since 2005 ACESA-DRIVES has been a representative of INTORQ GmbH in Mexico, as a result of having started operations with LENZE since 2003.


In fiscal year 2015/2016 with a staff of 250 employees in Germany, China and USA, INTORQ consolidates a turnover of 51.0 Million Euros.